Sandip Pandya is an Indian Contemporary, Modern artist. He grew up in the heritage city of ahmedabad in Gujarat India. Over the last 20 years has travelled and painted extensively in the U.S. and India. Sourcing inspiration from within, he dives into his contemporary, modern world, articulating his adventures with undulating colors, shapes and patterns. A studio based artist, he works primarily with oil on canvas and metal in which his labor-intensive and intuitive process produce brightly colored, sometimes tactile paintings that can also be sculptural. Oils prepared studiously before their application, by combining a number of paints, are carefully applied in a practice governed by abstract rules and introspective negotiations. Avoiding prior digital sketches, Sandip relies on quick decisions and instinct. The process is a balance between physical motor skills and mental power, in which the brush becoming more than a tool, is an extension of his body that is intuitively guided by the beat of his heart, as well as the quiet melody in his head.

This is Sandip Pandya

Sandip’s visual language implies the pixilation of the organic world. Working in a similar vein as individuals with synesthesia and inspired by Op art, Color Field paintings and Lyrical Abstraction, he weaves visual poetry that sings his inner world, populated by strange protagonists and perplexing landscapes. With energetic allover compositions, his scenes appear as though they expand beyond the boundaries of the picture frame, making reference to both the expansive universe and the mysterious microscopic realm. Participating in exhibitions locally and online exploring arts. Figurative/Contemporary/Modern art is what his favorite subject. As an artist’s eye felt so many vibration and meditate with his artwork is not just only passion but its life for him. As an artist devoted life to live and dream for him. Artifacts everyone looks the same from a different vision of the artist’s honor. Journey continues toward art, a masterpiece of love and empathy are still the same.